For me there is no difference

between painting and sculpting in terms of their techniques

The magic of a work and its ability to convey something to the person holding it; these are what are really important. I linger on things that are not real, nor tangible or palpable. I look for shadows, overlapping colours, lines and shapes that are not well defined. I have always tried to create works in which something spontaneous and unconscious emerges. When I start to paint, I have not made a conscious decision about the topic of the work; I usually wait to see what my mind and body suggest to me, or the combination of shapes and colours that live inside my memory; these factors come together to create an “internal space” which in turn becomes the finished piece. Is this therefore a synonym of abstract art? No, as I would not like to give a name to what I create, as from my work emerge strange atypical characters, couples who are in love that dance together, that look at each other, that are entwined, that meet each other mad that suffer.

The subject matters that I feel closest to, are often sound in music. Often, the technique I use is collage, the material I use are many; recycled paper, plastic, old wood, bitume, sand, iron mesh (even better if it is rusted). I immensely enjoy playing with metal strings, in general with any tape of string creating infantile shapes with an inner harmony. I am attracted by the moulding of plastic which I use in various weights, by cement and making it appear like a bas-relief. I have always had a passion for sculpture, for this reason, I have created some using my favourite materials. In terms of colours, I use oils, acrylics, enamels, watercolours and natural pigments ( favouring those which come from the ground), everything that makes colour and provokes an emotional reaction in me.