Do you feel as breath,
as Secret Life

When a figurative image no longer exists or is reduced to being immaginary shapes all can be determined in spatial and rhythmical recalls in which one can identify clear movements in all their functions, impulsive, rigorous and intuitive which following precise frameworks. It is not possible for a good pictorial work to exist without rhythm; as rhythm provides a concrete quality in the relationship between light and dark, colours, Lines and special mouldings. Rhythm makes is presence felt like a breath, like a secret life
Guido Ballo


Melina Scalise

Isa Locatelli is an explorer in the language of objects. In her works, the assembly and composition of materials mix themselves with the pictorial search to give to who beholds the work a new dimension and convey their meaning.

As Burri used simple materials to narrate and remind you of stories from the past, Isa Locatelli does not only use materials in this sense but also to highlight the relationship between them. This artist transfers on to a pièce of jute or net, wood or on a plaster covered table all the expressive potentiality of herself. recycled paper ( handmade or of an unknown origin), worn materials, iron strings, ropes, plastics are for the artist something touchable, tangible, that she cannot do without.

The titles of her work are about meetings, glances that are exchanged (eye to eye), couples who find each other, places for thought, music or simple going-ons. Certainly for Isa, a couple, a relationship between two people which could be love or friendship, tied together by nearly invisible strings is the only situation capable of restoring order, composition and a sense of cleanliness. In the chaos of life in which we surround ourselves with lot of things, get to know lots of people, for Isa, it is always possible to find an order, a sense not given by a predetermined destiny, but in individual situations that are capable of changing direction, decisions, relationships or even gravitational forces.

Therefore, behind an apparent flow of chaos maybe for Isa there is a rigorous order that should not be forgotten because in all things, in nature itself, no one can find a sense without the other.

A journey inside oneself

Laura Rangoni

J.C. Friedrich Schiller in his essay “The Aesthetical Education of man” maintains that art is above all the search for consciousness which is possible when man is freed of all his material needs and finally finds the time, way and above all courage to look inside himself. Therefore it is clear that an artist grows little y little as he proceeds with experimention which goes hand in hand with thoughts and a continuous search for meaning. To be an artist today, but also in the past, it is not enough to have a God given talent or an ambiguous moment of inspiration that come from God or a muse, you need something else, a human psyche, soul and their impluses.

Every painter and Isa Locatelli in particular, expresses a rich mix of dreams and desires, but often depicts a nostalgic idea of all the things never dreamt, music never heard, faces that have never smiled. This artist is just that, she knows alterity, that first of all lives inside her. In doing so, you need to be brave in expressing profound ideas, certain particulars which if recognized by the public could become universal.

Isa Locatelli’s search for a meaning, a sense covers a large spectrum. In order to have the correct perception, it is enough to simply observe, even on a superficial level to be able to follow the poetic outline through her works which are destined to give us a very wide range of emotions and feelings. It is a range that shows us a large variety on terms of content and shapes, the later being free from academicism and structured following a definition which at times lets us see Locatelli who is subtly attracted by the desire to break out from the costraints of portraiture and classica

figurative painting in order to find accreditation on a level in which gestures break and multiply and go back to the idea of what is abstract and informal.

The poetic ideas in Locatelli’s work are simple, immediate and caught in the reality of everyday life; However, at the same time come from, profound ideas in our archetypal heritage. The ability of this artist lies above all in managing to transcribe these images, impressions, conveying strong emotions in the person who beholds her work. Isa Locatelli is capable to merge all this together, outlining her own emotional fresco with great simplicity and authenticity.

The double art of Isa

Elena Maria Ceccato

Beauty, Imagination, passion and creativity are the themes that inspire Isa Locatelli. Her passion for art started when she was very young and she enrolled at the Conservatorio G. Verdi where she spent ten years dedicated to studying the piano.

Despite her commitment to studying music, her mind was always dominated by her love of painting. Isa decided to attend the Accademia di Belli Arti di Brera in order to experience and study in depth differenti painting techniques. She graduated from the Scuola Superiore degli artefici of he Accademia in the nineties.

According to Locatelli, music and painting are indivisible, as she once said “music can be painted”. Isa Locatelli’s path has developed and grown through informal paintings showing strong and determined expressivity in which coloured splashes, lines and incomplete forms are dominated by black and white, all of which are important elements to this artist. Today, using the aforementioned experiences, she creates interesting collages made up of different materials, from wood to iron, plaster to recycled paper, all positioned on the surface of a work in a harmonious balance between full and empty.

Given clues from art history and brought to life by the true personality of Isa, we can see how the artist expresses herself in the canvases she creates. In these works, we can also see a record of moments that were lived to the fullest, which clearly shows us a desire to never miss out on any experience, be it personal or professional.

“We cannot limit ourselves to one type of expression”, maintains Isa Locatelli “because art is a constant search for creativity, fantasy and it is the tireless passione that matures and develops with me”.

In music

Mariangela Lauria

There are lot of clues that tell us how Isa Locatelli’s work is driven by excellent references in art history for example as in the works of Kandinskij through the lyrical and musical quality of his strokes and the harmony that sustains the rhythm of his compositions. We can find links to the work of Kurt Schwitters, as Locatelli is inclined to use the technique of overlapping rustic materials. Above all, we can see a connection to the work of Klee; as Locatelli merges a playful, fun, sense to her characters.

The works of Isa Locatelli using jute (one of the artist’s favourite materials) or those dovere with plaster, cement or plastic which are moulded onto a canvas or table and therefore giving them a three dimensional quality. When we observe Isa’s work, we can umderstand how much desire and research she puts into her pieces in order to bring them to life, with each work being different to the next; however, they are all linked by the common denominators of love, music, beauty and harmony.